Flock and Net Version 2

When I fist saw Flock, a new style of browser, I was skeptical. I thought why does the world need another browser. What's wrong with Firefox extensions. But actually, I've come around to the idea that the net is nothing like it was. Perhaps it is time to rethink the user interface for the IPod generation. The tools that are built into the standard browser now aren't quite what is needed anymore. Most people now don't dial up though a modem, they have at least access to one broadband connection; maybe many. They are far more likely to access the nest from multiple places during a day: from their phone, from their word and from their home.

The net content has adapted to this with blogs, photo-share. But the browser has only slightly. Most of the time it browser is extended to work int this new world.

Take for example bookmarks. In most browsers the bookmarks are kept locally. With flock bookmarks can be stored online.

Flock may well be the future.

Update: recently Tim Berners-Lee has started a blog according to the news at Drupal it's using their system.


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